Casa Lamia is located on top of a hill and offers the most beautiful sunset view in Manuel Antonio.

Our cuisine is, as our Chef Lamia Funti calls it, food from the world made with love. It’s all the food Lamia grew up with and enjoy cooking with her family and in her restaurants. They are served in a street style to add an extra twist.

Our cocktails are fun and kinky, and our brunch menu will take you back to all those fun dinners you could find in any street of New York where Lamia spent most of her life.

Restaurateur Lamia Funti will pay homage to her coastal Mediterranean roots with the opening of Casa Lamia, a world cuisine eatery dishing out a menu of fresh offerings in a playful yet refined space that immerses diners in the indulgent depths below.

Lamia is achieving her long-time dream by creating this new restaurant in a seductive setting, designed with women in mind.

Casa Lamia will transport you with its different experiences outside of its space, catering your beach picnics, sunset romantic dinners, or your wedding!

Chef Lamia

The chef, Lamia Funti, is achieving her long-time dream by creating this new restaurant in a sexy setting, designed with women in mind.

Lamia’s background is from Spain and Morocco. Inspired by her roots the cuisine will have mediterranean influence that is locally sourced. The cuisine will reflect where tradition meets innovation .

Lamia has left some elements of the legendary old Le Souk space that she adored, to remind her of where she met her husband many, many, many years ago.